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29 June
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I've majored in Herpetology(studying reptiles and amphibians) or Entomology (study of insects), but now I'm sticking to just doing individual studies in those areas. Science studies at a college/university level, like the art world, is a joke. I'm better off learning these areas on my own as scientists did during the 19th Century.

Currently I'm now working on my degree in Special Education and in the future I'll be looking forward to getting my masters' degree in History to become a Special Ed. History teacher. It's a subject that is overlooked so many times. I want to change the trivial view people have for History and see that it can be taught through connecting past events with the present and to connect it to the future so the tragedies of history wouldn't repeat itself.

Also I'm studying Physics, which isn't my strongest subject. However I am better in this subject compare to Algebra since it's less abstract. After all I could connect Physics with what is actually happening around me and connect it to things I like like UFC.